Report for the One Hour, Hour of Code Training In Bauchi State.

Name of the training: Hour of Code

Program Sponsor: Brainiacs Stem & Robotics

Venue: Divine International School Bauchi State

Dates: 10 December, 2020

Total Participants: 40 Students

Duration total: Three Hours

Reported by: Emmanuel Kamal Muhammed


The document on hand is a report of the events and proceedings of the training on HOUR OF CODE that was conducted by Emmanuel Kamal Muhammed for Brainiacs Stem & Robotics. The training was conducted at Divine International School Bauchi State and the whole session lasted for three hours.

Time Schedule:

The three Hours training was conducted on 10th of December, 2020.

The session started at 01:00 pm and ended at 03:00 pm.

Training goal

The main objective behind the training on HOUR OF CODE is aimed to teach people the basics of computer programming in 60 minutes in a fun and simple way and to spark interest in our country towards nurturing creativity and innovation.

Training Procedures — In brief

The training started with introduction of who I’m which was followed by every student then introducing himself/herself by mentioning their names and what they understand by “computer programming”

Then the students were asked about their expectations from the training and what they expected to learn during the ONE HOUR — HOUR OF CODE. Each student shared their views.

The event went well and it was successful one though a bit stressful for me as the students had no prior knowledge on what “computer” & “computer programming” is, I had to go back to put them through some computer basics to lay a foundation on what I was going to teach them on computer programming.

It was fun for the students; it was their first-time hearing about computer programming and what one can actually do with it. They were all excited and even asked that I come back the following day to teach them more.


The only challenge I faced during the event was that the school don’t offer computer as a subject and it was hard for the student get what I was saying at first so I had to put them through a little on “Introduction to computer” before we dived into the HOUR OF CODE and there was no lab nor computers for the students to follow what I was doing so I had to divide them into four group “A,B,C & D” to use my laptop to put them through group by group.


The management of the school was really grateful and extend their regards that Brainiacs Stem & Robotics picked their school to run this event and hoped we’d be back to do more for/with them.

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